Golf Fitness Programs

“Daril, thank you for your help with my golf fitness workouts. Not only did they help my golf, they made me stronger for tennis as well. I feel much better and healthier. I look forward to getting together with you and designing a new routine that will take my fitness to the next level.”
– Ivan Lendl, World Tennis Champion and Competitive Golfer

The TPI Advantage will improve your fitness, posture, stamina…and of course your golf swing!

Using the Titleist Performance Institute Golf Fitness Screening enables me to analyze your swing looking for the most common swing faults. During a TPI Golf Fitness Screening, you’ll undergo a twelve-step screening to determine which areas are causing inconsistencies in your swing. With the results of the screening, I’ll provide you with a customized workout program designed to improve your strength, flexibility, balance, and power.

Schedule your appointment today for a TPI Golf Fitness Screening and together we’ll evaluate your swing faults and help you to have a more consistent golf swing.

Your screening, evaluation and customized workout program is just $60! Just click Schedule An Appointment and select TPI Evaluation.